Offbeat Documentaries I Enjoyed Watching

Confessions of a Superhero #


Follows four people that dress up in superhero costumes and work on tips taking photos with tourists on Hollywood Boulevard. It starts off innocuous but descends into the personal lives and past of each character.

The Dungeon Masters #

Follows the lives of Dungeons & Dragons Gamemasters, aka Dungeon Masters. I particularly like Scott Corum’s story—his struggles on getting his fiction published and his desire to create something that he can be proud of before he dies.

The Parking Lot Movie #

Parking Lot Movie

On the struggles and lifestyle of a group of people that work in a parking lot in Charlottesville, Virginia near University of Virginia. I dug Mark Schottinger’s tune.

Cinemania #


Documentary about the lives of five cinemaphiles living in New York City. The fact that they manage their lives around watching as many films in NYC is equally impressive and exhausting.

American Movie #

American Movie

Follows aspiring filmmaker Mark Borchardt (and friends) attempt at completing the low-budget horror film Coven in middle America.

American Juggalo #

american juggalo

Documentary on Juggalos (hardcore Insane Clown Posse fans) that attend the once a year event called The Gathering of the Juggalos. You can watch on Vimeo.

Einstein’s Brain #

Einstein’s Brain

Follows eccentric Japanese professor Kenji Sugimoto on his travels to the United States to find where Einstein’s brain is stored.