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Hello, World.


This is my first post. I’ve just set up Hugo with Netlify and a really nice theme called onetwothree. I’m learning to use the framework properly and adding my own tooling to make the automated deployments more streamlined.

So far I have a simple Makefile to sync submodules and run the local server

        git submodule sync
.PHONY: sync-submodules

        hugo server
.PHONY: run-server

There does exist a netlify cli tool to do deployments, but doing a push to GitHub triggers builds anyway. Empty commits can also be done with git commit --allow-empty in case a push needs no change.

One caveat is that the build cache may need to be cleared on Netlify, which is done via their service once logged in. If I run into this enough (more than twice would be enough), I’ll add a Makefile target to clear it via their cli tool or API.

You can check out the GitHub repo if you want to see the setup as it progresses over time.

Written May 2018.

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